Enkomi Digitisation Project

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Object type
Bell krater
Tomb No (findspot)
A2020a + 2020d + 2020e + 2020h + 2020k + A2021d
A2020a + 2020d + 2020e + 2020h + 2020k + A2021d A2020a + 2020d + 2020e + 2020h + 2020k + A2021d
Mycenaean style
1300-1200 B.C.
Height: 24.5cm (pres. Ht.)
Diameter: ca 26cm (rim)
CVA 1, 17, pl. 15.4
Åström 1972, 371
Restored from fragments, about half is missing.
Fabric Description
Hard, buff to orange fabric with dark and white inclusions, slightly lustrous buff slip and reddish to dark brown paint. No slip on interior.

Out-turning flat rim, almost biconical body, horizontal handle on shoulder.

Solid paint on rim and below rim, a curve-stemmed spiral, the stem in double outline and filled with parallel horizontal strokes. On the left of the spiral vertical parallel inverted chevrons form a triangle and the pattern is repeated on the other side of a vertical line. The handle is painted solid on the upper part and on either side there is a triglyph, three parallel horizontal bands below the handle zone and two parallel horizontal bands on the lower part.