Enkomi Digitisation Project


Object type
Bell krater
Tomb No (findspot)
A1546 A1546 A1546
Mycenaean style
1300-1200 B.C.
Height: 27.8cm
Diameter: 31cm (rim)
CVA 1, 10, pl. 10.3
Åström 1972, 370
Vermeule and Karageorghis 1981, pl. V.55
Restored from fragments.
Fabric Description
Hard pink buff fabric with dark inclusions, matt slip and matt reddish paint.

Out-turning rim, globular body, ring base.

Decorated with horizontal bands of paint on the interior and exterior rim; the shoulder zone is decorated with three stags facing to the right, rendered in outline and filled with vertical and horizontal wavy lines; the eyes are large and the horns prominent splitting horizontally in opposite directions. Above the stags there are three rosettes in a row; the handles are decorated with paint at the attachment and on the top part. Below the handle there is a net pattern consisting of lozenges with rounded edges with dotted circles in the centre. On the lower body there are three broad parallel bands and solid paint on the base. The interior is decorated with a band at mid-body and a thick circle on the base.

On the bottom there is a fading painted Cypro- Minoan sign. One of the handles bears an incised sign.